March 19, 2014 Bruce Goldfarb Quoted in the New York Times

Much rarer, activists say, is a traditional money manager giving a bomb-throwing hedge fund a specific target and goal. Another hedge fund executive recalled hearing several years ago from a portfolio manager at a big institution eager to force a sale of Dobson Communications, a rural cellphone service provider. The portfolio manager couldn’t apply pressure directly on the company, but he encouraged activists to take up the cause. It isn’t clear whether hedge funds complied, but Dobson eventually sold itself to AT&T for $2.8 billion in the summer of 2007.

“Institutional investors want to share the sick children in their portfolio with someone who can help make them better,” said Bruce H. Goldfarb, chief executive of Okapi Partners, a proxy solicitation firm.

New Alliances in Battle for Corporate Control [New York Times]

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