Information Agent Services

Any corporate action, including an acquisition-related tender, an exchange offer, a self-tender or Dutch auction, a rights offering, a spin-off or another shareholder election, requires proper planning and communication to ensure optimal results. 

Our team has worked on some of the most complicated transactions executed over the past decade. We draw upon our expansive experience to help clients plan effective campaigns. We work with clients every step of the way – from the initial campaign planning and drafting of documents, to the distribution of relevant materials to shareholders and the follow-up communication with them. 

Our call centers provide retail investors with a readily available resource to answer questions while ensuring that our client’s phone lines are not inundated with calls. 

We identify trading trends during the offer period and report what is happening. Based on our extensive experience working on all kinds of transactions, we advise our clients on the expected timing of investors taking actions, which is often heavily back-end loaded, and project the final results.  This guidance helps to alleviate concern our clients have during the process and avoid last minute surprises.


Corporate action requires proper planning and communication to ensure optimal results.